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Narration of Seeking

Words of wisdom of Imam Sadiq (S) in the book “Compilations of the First Martyr (Shaheed al-Awwal)”:

It has been narrated from Imam Sadiq (AS): 

1. طلبتُ الجنة، فوجدتها فى السخاء.


1. I sought out heaven and found it in forgiveness and magnanimity.


2. و طلبتُ العافية، فوجدتها فى العزلة.

2. I sought out health and found it in [a positive] type of seclusion.


3. و طلبت ثقل الميزان، فوجدته فى شهادة <<ان لا اله الا الله و محمد رسول الله>>.


3. I sought out heaviness of the scale [of deeds] and found it in bearing witness [to the fact] that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.


4.  و طلبت السرعة فى الدخول الى الجنة، فوجدتها فى العمل لله تعالى.


4. I sought out hastiness of entering heaven and found it in sincerely doing things for Allah, the most high.


5. و طلبتُ حب الموت، فوجدته فى تقديم المال لوجه الله.


5. I sought out love of death and found it in giving wealth for Allah’s pleasure.


6. و طلبت حلاوة العبادة، فوجدتها فى ترك المعصية.


6. I sought the sweetness of worship and found it in not committing sins.


7. و طلبت رقة القلب، فوجدتها فى الجوع و العطش.


7. I sought softness of the heart and found it in hunger and thirst [of fasting].


8. و طلبت نور القلب، فوجدته فى التفكر و البكاء.


8. I sought out enlightenment of the heart and found it in [the act] of thinking and crying.


9. و طلبت الجواز على الصراط، فوجدته فى الصدقة.


9. I sought out the ease of passing the bridge of siraat [in the hereafter] and found it in giving alms.


10. و طلبت نور الوجه، فوجدته فى صلاة الليل.


10. I sought out brightness of the face and found it in night prayers.


11. و طلبت فضل الجهاد، فوجدته فى الكسب للعيال.


11. I sought out the excellence of Jihad [struggle] and found it in earning a living to pay for my wife and children.


12. و طلبت حب الله عزوجل، فوجدته فى بغض اهل المعاصى.


12. I sought out love of Allah   the almighty and dignified, and found it aversion towards sinners.


13. و طلبت الرئاسة، فوجدتها فى النصيحة لعبادالله.


13. I sought out leadership and found it in advising [towards good things] the servants of God.


14. و طلبت فراغ القلب، فوجدته فى قلة المال.


14. I sought out comfort of the heart and found it in not having much wealth.


15. و طلبت عزائم الامور، فوجدتها فى الصبر.


15. I sought out worthy deeds and found it in patience.


16. و طلبت الشرف، فوجدته فى العلم.


16. I sought out honour and prestige and found it in knowledge.


17. و طلبت العبادة فوجدتها فى الورع.


17. I sought out worship and found it in being God-fearing.


18. و طلبت الراحة، فوجوتها فى الزهد.


18. I sought out comfort and found it in abstemiousness and devoutness.


19. و طلبت الرفعة، فوجدتها فى التواضع.


18. I sought out greatness and found it in humility and modesty.


20. و طلبت العز، فوجدته فى الصدق.


20. I sought out honour and glory and found it in being truthful.


21. و طلبت الذلة، فوجدتها فى الصوم.


21. I sought out humility and found it in abstinence [sawm, such as in Ramadan or otherwise].


22. و طلبت الغنى، فوجدته فى القناعة.


22. I sought out being wealthy and found it in contentment [with what I have and not spending more than I have or need].


23.و طلبت الانس، فوجدته فى قرائة القرآن.


23. I sought out companionship and found it in reading the Qur’an.


24. و طلبت صحبة الناس، فوجدتها فى حسن الخلق.


24. I sought out socialising with people and found it in good behaviour.


25. و طلبت رضى الله، فوجدته فى برالوالدين.


25. I sought out Allah being pleased [with me] and found it in kindness to parents.


مستدرك الوسائل ، ج 12، ص 173 – 174، ح 13810.


Reference: Mustadrak al-Wasaail, v.12, p.173-174, hadith no.13810.

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