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All virtues are found in three characteristics

عَن أبي جَعفَر (ع) قال أميرُ المُؤمِنين (ع):

جُمِعَ الخَيرُ كُلُهُ في ثَلاثِ خِصالٍ: النَّظَرُ و السُّكوتُ وَ الكَلامُ. وَ كُلُّ نَظَرٍ لَيسَ فيهِ اعتِبارٌ، فَهُوَ سَهوٌ. و كُلُّ سُكوتٍ لَيسَ فيهِ فِكرٌ، فَهُوَ غَفلَةٌ. وَ كُلُّ كَلامٍ لَيسَ فيهِ ذِكرٌ، فَهُوَ لَغوٌ. و طوبَى لِمَن كانَ نَظَرُهُ عِبرَةً وَ سُكوتُهُ فِكرَةً وَ كَلامُهُ ذِكراً وَ بَكَى علَى خَطيئَتِهِ وَ أمِنَ النّاسُ شَرَّهُ.


شیخ صدوق.  ثواب الأعمال و عقاب الأعمال.  قم: دار الشریف الرضی للنشر، 1406 هـ.ق.، ص.177-178.


It was narrated from Imam Baqir (AS) who said the Commander of the Faithful [Imam Ali (AS)] stated: All virtues are found in three characteristics, looking, silence and talking.  Any [act of] looking that does not contain a lesson [in it] is a [useless] distraction; any silence that is not for the purpose of thinking is negligence and slackness and any talking in which [one way or another] there is no remembrance of God is idle talk.  Blessed is the one whose [act of] looking is for [the purpose of learning] a lesson, whose silence is for thinking and whose talking is for [the purpose of] remembering God.  He/she cries over their sins and people are safe from their vice.

Reference: Sheikh Saduq.  Thawaab al-`Amaal wa `Iqaab al-`Amaal.  Qom: Dar al-Sharif al-Radi li-nNashr, 1406 A.H., pp.177-178.

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