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Fatima Zahra Charitable Association Condemns ISIL

Fatima Zahra Charitable Association (FZCA) condemns the mass killing and genocide of Shias in Iraq by members of the extremist Sunni terrorist group going by the name abbreviated to ISIL.  ISIL continues to execute any Shias they captured or who have surrendered.  The actions of ISIL have demonstrated the hatred that extremist Sunnis have for anyone who does not share their belief in general and Shias in particular.


The mass killing and/or abuse of Shias by Sunni extremists has been continuing for many years in countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bahrain.  The actions of extremists in Iraq have shown to the world what Shias have been suffering while the world has turned a blind eye because of presumed political and economic benefits.


Fatima Zahra Charitable Association (FZCA) asks world leaders and decent human being to give any assistance necessary to the Iraq government to defeat the terrorist group ISIL and anyone cooperating with them.


Fatima Zahra Charitable Association

17 Shabaan 1435 / 16 June 2014

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