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New Zealand Shias raise their Voice in Protest

New Zealand Shias raise their Voice in Protest

New Zealand Shias raised their voice in protest for the defence of Shias around the world. 26th of May 2013.  Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand.

26th of May 2013


Fatima Zahra Charitable Association (FZCA) with the support of Imamia Medics International and other Shia centres peacefully protested the killing and oppression of Shias in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Malaysia and condemned the attacks against their holy places.

Haj Sheikh Hamed Soltanian discussing the reason for the protest. 26th of May 2013, Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand.

FZCA also condemned extremism and terrorism in general and those who support terrorists and extremists for political or any other reason.  FZCA demanded freedom for Bahraini and Saudi Arabian Shias and freedom for Shias to practice their faith in Malaysia and Indonesia.


Haj Sheikh Hamed Soltanian attending the protest said that the protestors were there to be a voice among many for the Shia.  Like any other human being the Shia want to live, to practice their faith and to be free from oppression.  The protestors gathered to be a voice for the Shias around the world.  To demand that Western governments stop the support of governments that are supporting terrorism such as the Saudi Arabian, Qatari and Bahraini governments and who oppress their Shia minority.


He also said that if one Shia is killed or abused then every Shia feels it is them who have been killed or abused.  They were there to say that Shias around the world will extend their support to their brothers and sisters that are being abused, oppressed and killed around the world.


The protestors were also demanding a stop of support to the Syrian rebels who have been responsible for the destruction of Islamic holy sites, attacks on Shia religious centres and horrific acts such as eating the organs of their enemies.


Dr. Ali Adnan attending the protest on behalf of himself and the Imamia Medics International supporting the Shias around the world. 26th of May 2013. Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand.

The Venue was at the Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand and about 40 to 50 people from different countries such as New Zealand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and India and ethnic backgrounds attended.


More photos below.

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